Brake Problems

This is what a “brake problem” at Rosslyn looks like… and it happens quite often:

ABC7: Could Metro handle an act of terrorism?

Regarding responce to L’Enfant incident:
“This lies right in the lap of Metro and I think Metro knows it. Do they have a game plan? If so they never showed it.” – Eleanor Holmes Norton

“It was absolutely an effective plan. 2 hours to move 200 people out of a Metro tube – smoke filled – up to surface level, get evaluated by medical personnel and then transported. 2 hours? That’s pretty good time.” DC Homeland Security & Emergency Management Agency Director Chris Geldart

Local Hero Strikes Again

Jonathan Rogers performed CPR to try to help save a life on the smoke filled WMATA Yellow Line train on Monday. As if that wasn’t enough he’s now ALSO produced pictures with timestamps that show exactly how long they were trapped in that train. Get this man a beer and a vacation, stat!

No Love In An Elevator

Stop Telling Riders Untruths

WMATA Red Line Service Notice

WMATA Red Line Service Notice